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11.11.22  |  Infographic

5 Tips to Help with Holiday Stress

We deal with stress every day, but at the end of the year, we have the added stress from the holiday season. We can feel busier, more lonely, and more financially strapped during what’s supposed to be a joyful time. Here are 5 steps to help you manage the added stress and anxiety around the holidays.

11.8.22  |  Infographic

Veteran Mental Health: Where to Get Help

Despite the prevalence of mental health issues, fewer than 50% of veterans who need treatment for mental health receive it. Why? Embarrassment, shame, fear of being seen as weak, long wait times to get help, and lack of understanding of mental health issues.

10.5.22  |  Infographic

Signs of Workplace Impairment

If an employee is struggling with being present at work or using drugs or alcohol at work, there may or may not be recognizable signs. This infographic highlights some common signs of physical, cognitive, and performance impairment to watch out for. Also get tips on how to have an off-the-record conversation from a place of concern instead of judgement in order to support to someone in need.

10.4.22  |  Infographic

What is Substance Use Disorder?

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) happens when substance use causes significant problem in someone's life, such as health issues, disability, or not meeting responsibilities. There are eleven criteria for Substance Use Disorder and three different severity levels depending how many of the criteria are met. Download this infographic to learn more about the disease of Substance Use Disorder.

8.31.22  |  Infographic

Suicide Prevention in Correctional Facilities: What to Watch For

While it’s not the job of Corrections Officers to address inmate mental health, it is unavoidable. Get risk factors, red flags, and stressors unique to a prison environment that may indicate an inmate is considering suicide. Also get next steps to take if you think an inmate is at risk.


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