Benefits to Creating a Resilient Workforce and Tips to Get Started

Benefits of a resilient workforce

When you think of resilience, what comes to mind? A glass that can’t be broken? A rubber band that never gives out? Maybe you think of tree branches that bend in the wind but don’t break? These are all examples of resilience in action — and they’re all impressive, right? When we think about resilience … Read more

January 2023 Community Newsletter

Youturn Health Community News

Use positive psychology to stay on track with your new year goals Featured Blog Have you ever made it through the first few weeks of a new year, feeling like you were crushing your goals, and then suddenly found yourself back at square one? In our latest blog post, we talk about setting goals and … Read more

Setting Goals, Changing Habits, and What to Do if You Make a Mistake

setting goals changing habits

The start of the new year often comes setting goals and changing habits. Starting January 1, you will stop doing X and start doing Y. You’re committed to making the change, so it should be easy. And maybe it is for the first couple of weeks. Until you fall back into your old routine, take … Read more

6 Tips to Manage Holiday Stress

manage holiday stress

We are flooded with emotions at the holidays. We can get caught up in the moment. We can get stressed out. When we are overwhelmed with stress, we look toward temporary solutions to provide relief.  And relief can take on many forms like over-eating, drinking, resistance to exercise, and mindless scrolling through social media. As … Read more