Using Positive Psychology to Combat Holiday Stress

Positive psychology holiday stress

We deal with stress every day, but at the end of the year, we have the added stress from the holiday season. We can be busier, feel more lonely, and more financially strapped during what’s supposed to be a happy and joyful time. To say the end of the year is emotionally overwhelming can seem … Read more

Grief During the Holidays

grief during the holidays

Whether it’s your first year dealing with the loss of a loved one, a loved one died during a previous holiday season, or the holidays just remind you of someone you’ve lost, grieving during the fall and winter holidays is tough. In fact, it can be tougher than the anniversary of the loss. Everything we … Read more

Healthy Eating During the Holiday Season

healthy eating during the holidays

The holiday season can be an extremely tough time for anyone battling disordered eating and body image, from numerous conversations about food and diets to seeing family members who may provoke unpleasant emotions. If you’re recovering from or living with an eating disorder, or if you’re concerned about healthy eating during the holidays, here are … Read more

Veteran Mental Health: How to Get Help

Veteran mental health

If you or someone you care about is having thoughts of suicide, please call/text the Suicide and Crisis Hotline at 988. As we approach Veterans’ Day this year, we want to not only recognize and thank military veterans for their service to the country but also bring attention to the importance of veteran mental health. … Read more

Youturn Health Announces Partnership with Sure Med to Offer Education and Support for Behavioral Health and Substance Misuse

Sure Med Youturn Health

November 3, 2022 – Coppell, TX – Youturn Health, a virtual support program designed to help individuals and their family members manage behavioral health and substance misuse issues, announces a new partnership with Sure Med Compliance, a digital healthcare company dedicated to mitigating risk for patients and providers in pain management settings. Nonmedical use of … Read more