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1.20.23  |  Web Page

Benefits to Creating a Resilient Workforce and Tips to Get Started

There are many benefits to building resilient workforce, including improved organizational performance and productivity.

12.7.22  |  Web Page

Building Support for Workers Through RECOVERY FRIENDLY WORKPLACES

The consequences of substance misuse and addiction can be catastrophic in the workplace. However, the recovery friendly workplace movement offers new hope — and a new blueprint — for providing construction workers in recovery with the support they need to stay healthy.

10.5.22  |  Infographic

Signs of Workplace Impairment

If an employee is struggling with being present at work or using drugs or alcohol at work, there may or may not be recognizable signs. This infographic highlights some common signs of physical, cognitive, and performance impairment to watch out for. Also get tips on how to have an off-the-record conversation from a place of concern instead of judgement in order to support to someone in need.

8.31.22  |  Infographic

The Impact of Stress, Substance Misuse, and Suicide on the Construction Industry

The construction industry has the second highest rate of suicide and is heavily impacted by stress, mental health issues, and substance misuse. Youturn Health offers comprehensive support to privately help employees, help destigmatize blue collar workers getting help, and save lives.

8.31.22  |  Infographic

Workplace Suicide Prevention: How to Make a Plan

We spend a lot of time at work, which means that managers and co-workers may be in a unique position to notice behavior changes or other risk factors for someone who needs emotional support. This infographic shares how employers can organize to foster a workplace environment that supports employee behavioral health


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