Who We Serve

Public Sector

Youturn Health provides behavioral health and substance misuse support for some of the most vulnerable populations, who are often coping with behavioral health challenges related to previous or ongoing stressors.

These individuals – including First Responders, Veterans, and Incarcerated Individuals – are important parts of our cities and communities. Let us work with you to ensure that the support and resources they need are accessible, engaging, and effective in helping to alleviate stress, depression, and suicidal ideation, and prevent acute crises.


First Responders

Sustainable practices to support First Responders in dealing with the stress and trauma of their jobs and the behavioral health triggers they encounter in everyday life.

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How can we engage veterans in times of need and de-risk everyday situations with the help of family support and accessible programs.

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Incarcerated Individuals

Our online all-in-one program helps jails and prisons reduce substance abuse during incarceration and post-release to combat recidivism rates.

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