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2.24.23  |  Web Page

Difficult but Necessary Conversations for First Responder Families

First responders have demanding jobs that can often spill over into the family, so effective communication is particularly crucial.

2.1.23  |  Infographic

Resources for Families of People Struggling with Substance Misuse

When one person struggles with substance use, it affects the whole family, which means the whole family needs help. This infographic shares why self-care is important and where families can go for support.

11.9.22  |  Video

Supporting Families Through Recovery

Families are profoundly impacted by a loved one's substance misuse, and all family members deserve professional guidance no matter where they are in the recovery journey. Youturn Health involves the entire family in the recovery journey with resources and coaching designed especially for family members affected by mental health, substance misuse, or suicidal ideation.

8.4.22  |  Case Study

What is a Peer Coach?

Youturn Health Peer Coaches provide non-clinical support to help engage, educate, and support people and their families through issues around mental health, substance misuse, grief, and suicidal ideation. Learn more about how Peer Coaching works.

6.23.22  |  Podcast

Stigma keeps police officers from seeking support

Former police officer Sheila Goode discusses the need for support for first responder mental health, what it's like behind the scenes , and what would really help first responders get the mental health support they deserve.


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