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Employee Wellbeing in the Construction Industry

Working in construction takes a toll physically and mentally through injuries, accidents, stress, behavioral health issues, and substance use. Toughness is valued by construction workers, so stigma, shame, and fear of being seen as weak may prevent employees from seeking the help they need. Youturn Health is here to help.



Construction has the second-highest suicide rate among major industries, but 78% of construction workers don't get help because of shame and stigma.

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About 15% of construction workers have substance use disorder compared to 8.6% of the general population.

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83% of construction workers have experienced a mental health issue.

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The Youturn Health Solution

Youturn Health is a virtual platform that bridges the gap between inaction and treatment by making treatment accessible. Our program includes:

Peer Coaching: Trained and certified peer coaches use their lived experience with addiction, behavioral health, and recovery to guide participants into making meaningful steps in their own journey. Peer coaches are trained in engagement and retention using Assertive Community Engagement (ACE) techniques.

Online Learning: We provide access to a library of over 450 educational videos and stories that help people understand the nature of stress management, anxiety, depression, substance use, recovery, and treatment.

Family Support: The success rate for recovery improves when the family is involved, so we offer our peer coaching and online education to participants’ family members at no extra cost. They’ll receive a baseline education on topics like behavioral health, treatment and recovery, boundary setting, and coping skills.

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