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5.15.24  |  Web Page

Addressing Behavioral Health and Suicide in Construction

The construction industry has been hit hard by "deaths of despair" - suicide, unintentional overdose, and deaths caused by chronic alcohol misuse - and unfortunately the situation appears to be getting worse.

4.3.23  |  Infographic

Opioid Use, Misuse, and Recovery: What You Need to Know

Opioid use, misuse, and overdose deaths have risen dramatically since 1999. In 2017, opioid misuse was declared a public health emergency, and the US government has launched several programs to address the crisis. But what are opioids and why are they so dangerous?

2.23.23  |  Podcast

Commissioner Randall Liberty is changing lives inside Maine Prisons

Commissioner Randall Liberty talks about the programs he's put into Maine prisons and jails to provide supportive interventions like Medication Assisted Treatment to reduce opioid overdoses and recidivism.

2.1.23  |  Infographic

Resources for Families of People Struggling with Substance Misuse

When one person struggles with substance use, it affects the whole family, which means the whole family needs help. This infographic shares why self-care is important and where families can go for support.

12.7.22  |  Web Page

Building Support for Workers Through RECOVERY FRIENDLY WORKPLACES

The consequences of substance misuse and addiction can be catastrophic in the workplace. However, the recovery friendly workplace movement offers new hope — and a new blueprint — for providing construction workers in recovery with the support they need to stay healthy.


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