Our Solution

A confidential, virtual program that provides unique support, wherever you are on your journey.

Youturn Health understands the unique challenges of behavioral health and recovery. Our founders, leadership team, and coaches have all lived through those same challenges and are driven by their mission of helping others through effective, compassionate support.

Peer Coaching

We offer an established, strong support network based on lived experience. Our Assertive Community Engagement (ACE) peer coaches use strategies and lived experience to guide participants in taking meaningful steps toward maintaining recovery by developing new behaviors, increasing family support, and promoting personal accountability.

Our peer coaches are trained in engagement, retention, and healthcare system navigation.

What is a Peer Coach?

Online Learning and Assessment Platform

We provide access to an extensive virtual library of educational, inspirational, and insightful stories that help individuals understand the nature of addressing behavioral health challenges, stress management, substance misuse, and suicidal ideation, as well as assessments to determine suicide risk.

This platform is accessible from anywhere, allowing for wider adoption and ease of use for any situation.

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Family Support

Family support is an important aspect in the process toward better health and positive, long-term outcomes. Our belief in family support as a pillar of the program allows for individuals to practice self-care in a manner that is sustainable through their own support network.

Family members receive a baseline education on topics including behavioral health and substance use disorders, as well as recovery and treatment options.

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