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10.6.22  |  Podcast

Cal Beyer, Rich Jones, and Hamilton Baiden talk prevention, saving lives, and reducing stigma

Beyer joins Rich Jones and Hamilton Baiden discuss the dire need for mental health support for construction workers, debunk myths about having to hit rock bottom, and detail real solutions for mental health and substance use issues.

8.25.22  |  Podcast

Youturn Health Peer Coaches Provide Hope and Support

Youturn Health peer coaches Zach and Lisa discuss how coaching works and also share their stories of success. As lead coaches, this is more than a job to them as they have both walked through grief and loss and tragedy.

7.14.22  |  Podcast

Host of Champagne Problems Robbie Shaw Shares His Story

Robbie Shaw details his story of alcohol misuse, treatment, and recovery; his work at Eventide Recovery; and his life as a recovery coach and interventionist.

6.23.22  |  Podcast

Stigma keeps police officers from seeking support

Former police officer Sheila Goode discusses the need for support for first responder mental health, what it's like behind the scenes , and what would really help first responders get the mental health support they deserve.

5.6.22  |  Podcast

Retired Deputy Sheriff Stephen Balzano Describes Life on the Front Lines

Retired Deputy Sheriff Stephen Balzano painstakingly details the day he lost one of his "brothers in blue," and acknowledges the lasting effects of that trauma on many of his friends on the force. Stephen explains how difficult it is for police officers, or any First Responders, to ask for help and says it needs to be a safe place outside of the system where they can get help.


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