Stress Management and Burnout Resources

Stress is a normal part of life, in fact more than 75% of adults say they feel some symptoms of stress. If left untreated though, stress can lead to major health problems and burnout. The resources below will help you manage stress and burnout and cope with the pressures of everyday life. For more info on how Youturn Health can help with stress management, please contact



5 Tips to Help with Holiday Stress

We deal with stress every day, but at the end of the year, we have the added stress from the holiday season. We can feel busier, more lonely, and more financially strapped during what’s supposed to be a joyful time. Here are 5 steps to help you manage the added stress and anxiety around the holidays.

Building a Resilience Plan to Combat Burnout

Resilience Plan for Burnout

Burnout happens when stress becomes too intense and ever-present. Avoiding burnout is a matter of stress management or “resilience.” This infographic shares what activities you can include in your resilience plan to help manage stress and avoid burnout.

The 5 Stages of Burnout at Work

The 5 Stages of Burnout at Work

You don’t get burned out from work on Day 1. It happens after stress becomes a chronic problem. Check out this graphic to learn the 5 Stages of Burnout at Work so you can identify when you, co-workers, or employees are in danger of being burned out.

How Peer Coaching Helps You Manage Stress

How Peer Coaching Helps You Manage Stress

If left untreated, stress can lead to major health problems. If you’ve actively tried to manage your stress, but you’re still experiencing symptoms, it’s time to talk talk to a professional. In this infographic, learn how a Peer Coach can help you identify sources of stress and learn new coping skills.

How Employers Can Reduce Burnout

How Employers Can Reduce Burnout

Almost half of all employees feel burned out at work, leading to lower productivity and engagement. This infographic shares tips and strategies employers can use to help destigmatize stress management in the workplace, reduce burnout, and educate and support employees.

The Impact of Peer Coaching on Employee Stress

The Impact of Peer Coaching on Stress Reduction

More than 75% of adults have symptoms of stress like headaches and trouble sleeping. Workplace stress costs employers every year in absenteeism, lost productivity, turnover, and medical costs. This infographic shares how Youturn Health’s Stress Management Peer Coaching program works and shares proven results that show it works.

The Impacts of Stress and How Employers Can Help

As an employer, it’s crucial to identify and address signs of stress early to help employees maintain their wellbeing and productivity. Here are signs your employees may be experiencing stress and tips to help them manage it.


Katie Niemczyk wanted to be a teacher. In fact, she hoped for a long career teaching in marginalized communities where she hoped to make a difference. The first part of her career was great, but she quickly began to see that the education system was flawed and needed an overhaul. She continued to ask for help, hoping to make incremental changes where she could but when Covid hit, she made the choice to leave teaching to take care of her mental health and the physical health of her two small children.
Did you know there is a right and wrong way to breathe? Perrin White teaches us that we can change the way we are feeling just by focusing on our breath. Listen to this podcast and find Perrin at her website and learn how breath work can calm your mind and body during periods of stress.
Sarah Waylett is a recovering perfectionist and a serial burnout-overachiever. She started Dreamgarten because she sees myself in so many other people who show up in their lives with this idea of perfection and the need for achievement in their work, in their relationships, and everywhere in between. And as a result, they are constantly navigating the overwork – burnout cycle, sometimes without even knowing what’s happening to their minds and bodies as a result.
We were lucky enough to sit down with Zak Williams and discuss the importance of mental health and how his company, PYM Health, is creating new products that can help us achieve a more balanced life, both physically and mentally.


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