Youturn Health has announced a partnership with the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of America to provide its member companies a virtual behavioral health program for employees. “There are few challenges facing the construction industry as severe as the mental health crisis that is prompting far too many workers to take their own lives,” said Stephen E. Sandherr, the Chief Executive Officer of the Associated General Contractors of America. “That is why we are taking a broad range of steps to make sure our member firms have the resources and tools they need to help, including the support this partnership promised to provide.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the construction industry has the highest rate of overdose deaths and the second highest rate of suicides compared to other industries in the U.S. By its nature, construction is a physical job, which makes workers more susceptible to injuries that require pain management, for which opioids are commonly prescribed. Additional factors like cyclical work and a lack of paid sick leave mean construction workers may feel pressured to return to work whenever possible so they can support their families. Further, stigma around mental health issues, especially in an industry where toughness is prized, may cause construction workers to feel shame or fear if they need help for behavioral health.

Youturn Health’s virtual program for construction aims to reduce these trends by offering:

  • The Youturn app, which provides access to a video library with educational and inspirational lessons on topics like stress and burnout, depression, anxiety, substance use, and suicide. The app also provides access to training courses for construction leadership. These training courses cover how to communicate about mental health in the workplace, suicide prevention, and how to check in on a co-worker who may be struggling with mental health or substance use. The Youturn app also provides both moderated and private chat rooms.
  • The Confidential Peer Support Coaching Line, which allows construction workers and their families to receive support from trained peers regarding mental health issues. As needed, employees will also receive dedicated, one-on-one peer coaching.
  • Support for family members at no additional cost. Inclusive family support is vital to successful, long-term outcomes, so family members have access to the benefits of Youturn Health at no additional cost.

Through the partnership with the AGC of America, member companies can purchase the Youturn Health program for their employees at a discounted rate.

About Youturn Health

Youturn Health is a virtual support program to help individuals and families struggling with stress, substance use, and suicidal ideation using evidence-based strategies. Core components of the program include an online learning library, peer coaching, ongoing assessments, and family support. Learn more at