Mental Health
03.13.2024  |  Press Release

Youturn Health and the Associated General Contractors of America Partner to Provide Behavioral Health Support to the Construction Industry

Youturn Health has announced a partnership with the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of America to provide its member companies a virtual behavioral health program for employees. “There are few ...

04.18.2023  |  Press Release

Employers Increasingly Called Upon to Build a Resilient Workforce

In a recent survey, 31% of U.S. employers said the strain on employee mental health has a severe financial impact on their company.

02.27.2023  |  The Journal of Employee Assistance

Employee Assistance Programs are Poised to “Level Up” in the Wake of the Pandemic

It’s time for more employee assistance, not less. In 2022, it’s clear that prevailing models of care, pathways for helping and the workplace experience have changed. Three factors have come toget...

02.07.2023  |  Article

Mental Note: Tools and Resources to Support Workforce Wellness

On page 8 for the Keystone Contractor: The construction industry is doing a better job of prioritizing the mental health of its workforce. Construction firms and industry associations are partnering w...

02.02.2023  |  Press Release

Youturn Health Announces Partnership with the National Safety Council and Resilience Capital Index to Improve Employee Wellbeing

Youturn Health announced a partnership with the National Safety Council (NSC) and the Resilience Capital Index to create a comprehensive solution that provides a complete picture of worker resilience ...


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