National Suicide Prevention Month and National Recovery Month

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being selfish in recoveryExplore the journey of setting boundaries for mental health and recovery in our latest blog post written by our peer coach, Jess Bryant. As we celebrate National Recovery Month, Jess shares her experiences and valuable lessons on preserving inner peace.



New Course: Energy Work

Energy workIn this course, mind-body specialist Marybeth Sheehan discusses how to use your body’s energy to heal through meditation and breathwork. Watch as she demonstrates three useful techniques: pranic breathing, forceful breathing to help process trauma, and body scan meditation. (Please log in to watch.)



Suicide Prevention: Risk Factors, Red Flags, and How to Get Help

Getting out of your headDiscover crucial insights on suicide risk factors and prevention. Learn how to provide support and find help for yourself or a loved one in times of crisis.

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A Mom on a Mission to End Youth Suicide

You Learn You TurnLeslie Weirich lost her son Austin to suicide and has channeled her grief into to raise awareness for suicide prevention. Her hope is that by sharing Austin’s story she will get people talking and working toward a common goal of ending young adult suicide.


September 14 Suicide Prevention Webinar

suicide preventionEveryone can help prevent suicide, but often stigma around mental health keeps people from getting help or offering support. In this webinar, we’ll debunk common myths, provide expert advice, and share crisis response steps.



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