Addressing Eating Disorders, Family Support, and Construction Industry Mental Health

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first responder family communicationConversations for first responder families around wellbeing can be difficult but are critical. Our latest blog dives into some of the essential but often overlooked conversations that first responder families need to have. Whether you’re a first responder yourself or part of their support system, join us as we tackle these difficult but necessary conversations.



New Course: Jeni’s Story

Jeni CainChildhood anxiety, depression, and school bullying led Jeni to start controlling her food and exercise at 10 years old. In our newest course, step through how Jeni’s family and friends supported her in her recovery, and hear an expert explain that to treat an eating disorder, you have to treat the underlying mental health issues.(Please log in to watch.) If you are struggling with an eating disorder or mental health, please reach out to a peer coach to get personalized support..

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Caregivers Need the Most Support

Caregiver supportIf you’re caring for a loved one or know someone who is, know that you are not alone. We understand the immense challenges that come with caregiving and want to offer our support. In this blog post, Elizabeth McKissick discusses the emotional and physical strain caregivers endure and shares practical tips and resources to help them feel more supported and less overwhelmed.

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Natasha Houston Shares Her Personal Fitness Journey

Natasha HoustonEating disorders impact a significant number of Americans, estimated at around 8 million. There is hope for a healthier lifestyle. Natasha Houston, a former gymnast and now Orange Theory Fitness coach, shares her story of battling an eating disorder and learning to love her body. Natasha’s story provides encouragement and inspiration of those struggling with similar challenges.



The Impact of Stress, Substance Misuse, and Suicide on the Construction Industry

Construction industry mental healthThis week is Women in Construction Week, where we acknowledge the invaluable contributions made by women in this industry and raise awareness of the challenges they face. Check out our infographic for information on mental health in the construction industry and available resources through Youturn.



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