Youturn Health believes in multiple pathways to wellness. This includes mental wellness and stress management. It is our intention to expose our readers to as many different pathways as possible. Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Please do what works for you. And check us out next month as we will continue to expand your knowledge surrounding the multitude of ways that people get better. 

You‘ve heard of The Secret, manifesting, Getting into the Vortex: what you believe comes back to you. Everybody is talking about the same thing, but they don’t break it down very well sometimes and it’s hard to grasp to understand it, right? They are all methodologies to create your truth and process negative emotions so they don’t block your progress. Let’s go through some examples.

Creating Positive Truths

You create all that you believe. You choose what to believe as a “truth” for you. So when you create a belief or a truth for you, you put up a radar around you that fortifies and solidifies that truth. If you believe you can be successful, then your radar alerts you to people, opportunities and circumstances that support your truth, that you are successful; that you can be more successful. You get so good at believing what you do, that it now is your Normal. You live your life hyperaware of opportunities coming your way. When something negative happens that may test your belief of success, or may rock your boat, you can easily check yourself and right your boat. Nope … just a bad decision, wrong place/wrong time. I’m still good. I’m still successful. I’m just going to pick myself up and fix this. Move on.

That’s just one example of a positive belief. You may believe that it’s healthier for you to lose weight or stop smoking, or you may believe you need to educate yourself or take yoga to feel fulfilled. You might make a mental list of what you are looking for in a partner … whatever your positive belief is.

Creating Negative Truths

But the opposite is also just as true. If you have negative conversations with yourself in your head they may sound like this: I’ll never amount to anything. I’ve hit a ceiling with my business; I can’t make more money. I’ll never be the kind of person who has my own business. I’m unworthy of a life partner. I’ll always smoke or be fat because it’s just too difficult to change. Then you are also absolutely right. You will attract people, opportunities, and circumstances that fortify YOUR truths about change … just like the successful people.

Have you ever met someone who seems to step out of what is normal for them, just for awhile … they meet somebody, they lose 15 lb, they start a business or quit smoking … only to have something happen, whether by self-sabotaging or by circumstances, that ricochet them back to what is normal for them. All their endeavors backfire and fail, and they are right back where they started. They haven’t changed their belief system totally. Their minds have changed but their hearts still don’t believe the change and take them back to what is familiar and normal. They will claim they are a victim of those circumstances.

No matter how negative that place is, it’s safe. They know they can survive their old ways because they’ve put so much work into perfecting that sense of normal.

Breaking Free

You may be determined to break free from old truths; you really believe in your heart that change is possible and yet, as hard as you try, you have blockages. It’s because there is a part of you that is resistant to change. All the other parts of you desire change but this guy! He’s too protective. He’s really good at it and he’s afraid he won’t be useful anymore.

Let’s pretend your whole body (Main Personality) is like a classroom full of students. I can show you how to connect with the teacher of that classroom to take that resistant kid (or part) out in the hallway and reason with him. With love, compassion and empathy, we’ll guide this part to join your other parts to work in concert for your betterment. We’ll convince him that all he will not be forgotten and will lose NONE of the memories he holds for you. Any painful or uncomfortable emotion can be released and neutralized so that all is left is the story of the event. We’ll reinforce to him that he’s a part of a wonderful team. He’ll be reassured that he is a very important part of your Main Personality. The protection he provides is necessary, but in a balanced protective way; one that isn’t so unhealthy.

I can help you neutralize negative emotions connected with old memories and break through your blockage to change, so you can move forward with your new beliefs. It’s called MAP, manifesting all possibilities. Together we can take that kid out in the hallway and build a stronger team that is … YOU. A stronger YOU.

Post author Erin Thomas, CHt, is a Peer Coach at Youturn Health and works to support people struggling with stress, anxiety, mental health, grief, and suicidal ideation.