Substance Misuse Resources

According to SAMHSA, 1 in 12 Americans has a Substance Use Disorder (SUD), but most people don’t reach out for help because of fear of stigma and the thought of abstinence. You don’t have to have SUD to assess your relationship with drugs and alcohol and you don’t have to wait until you hit “rock bottom” to make changes. Use the resources on this page to learn more about substance misuse, treatment, and recovery. For more info on how Youturn Health can individuals and family members with substance misuse, please contact



What is Substance Use Disorder?

Substance use disorder

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) happens when substance use causes significant problem in someone’s life, such as health issues, disability, or not meeting responsibilities. There are eleven criteria for Substance Use Disorder and three different severity levels depending how many of the criteria are met. Download this infographic to learn more about the disease of Substance Use Disorder.



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