How to Support Employees Through Grief and Loss – a Guidebook for Employers

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Grief looks different for everyone. No one goes through the same situation or healing process as anyone else. However, employers often fail to acknowledge or provide accommodations to help employees grieve and heal after life-changing events. While most employers offer two to four bereavement days, very little consideration is given if the loss is a … Read more

Heritage CARES Merges with YouTurn

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The merger brings together two of the leading behavioral health and substance misuse organizations to support more people struggling Coppell, TX (March 3, 2022) – Heritage CARES, the leading virtual behavioral health, substance misuse and suicide prevention company, today announces its merger with YouTurn, the world’s largest platform of evidence-based and therapist-led video content for stress, behavioral health, … Read more

Substance Abuse at Work – What Employers Need to Know

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Substance abuse in the workplace is a growing concern for employers across the United States. Substance use disorders (SUD) cost American businesses over $81 billion each year, and that number is only going to continue to grow if something isn’t done about it. SUD can lead to a number of negative consequences for businesses, including increased … Read more

Taylor’s Gift Foundation Partners with Heritage Cares for New Grief Support Program for Organ Donor Families

Taylor's Gift

Taylor’s Gift Foundation, the Dallas-based nonprofit created to raise the visibility of organ donation, launches the new Kindred Hearts Program with a mission to help organ donor families receive the emotional support they need. Through the Kindred Hearts Program, Taylor’s Gift will offer support groups and a dedicated Caring Guide to walk with organ donor families as … Read more

How Substance Abuse Impacts Businesses Bottom Line

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Over 27 million people in the United States suffer from a substance abuse disorder (SUD), and the effects of this disorder permeate every facet of society. 46% of people have a meaningful relationship with someone suffering from SUD. Not only does it affect personal relationships, but it has a profound impact on professional associations.   The impact of substance abuse in the workplace can lead … Read more