06.07.2022  |  Press Release

Heritage CARES Announces Rebranding, Changes Name to Youturn Health

Heritage CARES, a virtual support program designed to help individuals who struggle with or who have family members dealing with behavioral health and substance misuse, has completed an extensive rebr...

05.01.2022  |  Transportation Builder

Why Prioritizing Mental Health in the Workplace is Critical

As the transportation construction industry ramps up to manage the anticipated growth of projects from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), it is faced with ensuring a healthy workforce,...

03.03.2022  |  Press Release

Heritage CARES Merges with YouTurn

Heritage CARES, the leading virtual behavioral health, substance misuse and suicide prevention company, today announces its merger with YouTurn, the world’s largest platform of evidence-based and t...

01.05.2022  |  Press Release

Heritage CARES Proudly Announces the Creation of Strategic Advisory Board to Help Support Groundbreaking Mission

 Heritage CARES announces its new Advisory Board that will support the Heritage CARES mission and drive strategic growth for the company. The esteemed group of healthcare and business leaders will...

12.15.2021  |  Press Release

Taylor’s Gift Foundation Partners with Heritage CARES for New Grief Support Program for Organ Donor Families

Taylor’s Gift Foundation launches the new Kindred Hearts Program with a mission to help organ donor families receive the emotional support they need. Through the Kindred Hearts Program, Taylor’s...


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