Grief and Trauma

Grief is a natural part of life when we lose someone we love, but it can be difficult to process, especially if there is trauma involved. The resources below will help you better understand what you’re feeling and how to process your emotions so you can cope better. For more info on how Youturn Health can help with grief and trauma support, please contact

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Grief During the Holidays

Grief during the holidaysThe holiday season can magnify the pain of grief. Get tips on how to approach the holidays to help you feel your emotions, celebrate your loved one, and hopefully find peace.

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Grief is Messy

Grief is messyBarbara Rubel knows her way around grief. While in the hospital preparing to give to triplets, her husband gave her the news that her father had just died by suicide. Instead of running from the pain, Barbara has turned her tragedy into a life’s mission of helping others move through grief with grace.

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Suicide Prevention: Risk Factors, Red Flags, and How to Get Help

Getting out of your head

For those of us who have lost someone to suicide, we can feel a tremendous amount of survivor’s guilt, which is normal, but we cannot let it consume us. It is important that we try not to focus on the “what if’s” – we need to find people we can trust to help us process everything, share our loved one’s story, and, when we are ready, help to educate ourselves and others on suicide prevention techniques.

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How to Support Employees Through Grief and Loss – A Guidebook for Employers

GriefGrief is an emotional process that happens before, during, and after an event or change that sets off a series of feelings and behavioral changes. Employers and managers need to know how to support employees through grief and loss.

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