First Sun EAP has partnered with Youturn Health to help your company and employees be their best.

Employees and Families Are Struggling

49% of U.S. workers are struggling with alcohol and substance abuse.

(2020 Behavioral Health Impact Update)

1 in 5 employees goes home to a family member with a substance misuse problem.

(Gallup 2019)

The Impact is Massive

$6,600 is the annual cost to the employer for someone struggling with substance misuse.

(Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2017)

Your employees and their families are struggling- increasing risk and costs for your company, while decreasing productivity.

Youturn Health Can Help

Youturn Health has the world’s largest library of therapist-led, evidence-backed mental health and substance misuse educational and training content available, designed to meet people where they are, delivered in simple, short videos in an easy-to-use, quick-to-consume format.

  • CONTENT: Employee and family member access to our 24x7x365 confidential, any device, library of 270+ micro-content videos provide employees and families with a safe place to learn about mental health and substance misuse

  • CONNECTION: Here to help when needed. Direct access to a live, trained, SUD specialist for additional care referral & assistance

  • MARKETPLACE: Network of referral partners for specific issues as needed, with discounts


Risk Reduction

Cost Reduction

Productivity Increase

Fast and Easy to Deploy

Low Cost Per Employee

Employee Appreciation


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