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Employee Wellbeing: A Growing Concern

Though workplace mental health has not always been prioritized, as the country rebuilds from the pandemic, we are now confronted with a mental health crisis. Business leaders must prioritize employee mental health by fostering a stigma-free company environment, increasing access to tools and research, encouraging treatment, and incorporating innovative behavioral health programs that help employees address their struggles in a meaningful way.

It is no longer optional to create a mentally healthy organizational culture. It is now critical to share mental health resources with employees and their families to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and encourage people to get help.

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of the workforce experienced at least one mental health challenge in the past year

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of workplaces are impacted by opioid use

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Mentally distressed workers are 3.5x more likely to have substance use disorders

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How We Can Help

The National Safety Council and Youturn Health have partnered to provide a comprehensive solution for employers to build a culture of resilience and overall wellbeing within a workplace.

Stakeholder TrainingStakeholder Training

Online Education and Risk AssessmentsOnline Education

Peer Coaching SupportPeer Coaching Support

Family SupportFamily Support

Measurable OutcomesMeasurable Outcomes

For the Employer

Arm stakeholders like Safety Program Managers, Managers, the HR Team, and the Diversity and Inclusion Teams with training, education, and resources to recognize and address workplace impairment and mental health issues.

Stakeholder Training Includes:

  • Introduction to opioids
  • Substance use and brain chemistry
  • Understanding the addiction pathway
  • Recognizing and responding to drug use
  • Reducing the stigma around addiction
  • How trauma increases risk for addiction
  • Talking to providers about opioid prescriptions
  • Why gender and racial minorities are at greater risk for addiction, overdose, and death
  • Talking to teens about substance use
  • Harm reduction and its role in addressing substance misuse

For the Employee

Improve overall employee wellbeing with virtual program support designed to help individuals struggling with stress, substance use, mental health, or suicidal ideation. Program components include:

Online Education

An online learning management system with evidence-backed education, stories, and insights to provide employees a baseline education on key topics like stress management, anxiety, depression, substance misuse, and suicide

Risk Assessments

Online suicide risk assessments that provide quick and secure communication with health professionals

Peer Support

Dedicated, one-on-one support from credentialed peer coach with lived experience to help the employee connect to community resources

Family Support

Family support – because when one member of a family suffers, everyone suffers. Families of employees are covered at no additional cost

Measurable Outcomes

Get insight into your employees’ wellbeing using a multidimensional tool to capture and measure social, environmental, and behavioral wellbeing over time. These results will help guide the employee and you on what is working for your employees.

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