As mental disorders increase amongst the United States population, proper mental health maintenance will become a growing priority. 68% of millennials and 80% of Gen Zers have left jobs for mental health reasons. Many companies are combating the problem by offering resources to help employees with mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. Employers see how beneficial these resources are for the company’s morale and financials. While resources such as Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are available, it is difficult for some employers to persuade workers to participate in these programs. Studies show that depression costs U.S. employers between $17 billion and $44 billion in lost productivity. Employees can help companies improve their turnover rates and save them money in the long run by utilizing mental health resources such as EAP’s or digital health platforms like Heritage CARES.

Reasons Mental Health EAP Utilization is Low

There are several reasons why employees do not participate in their companies’ mental health programs. Stigma is one common reason for not using mental health resources at work. The stigma of seeking therapy or help for stress-related mental illness has been a roadblock for many employees with mental health concerns. Employees need reassurance that it is okay to utilize their mental health benefits without fear of judgement. Encouraging employees with transparent conversations and relatable topics shows that they are not alone in their journey. Heritage CARES is a discrete and integral support system that helps employees feel more comfortable using their available resources for mental health management. Embarrassment and stigmatization are valid concerns for people seeking mental health help. Heritage CARES’ certified Assertive Community Engagement (ACE) and NAADAC-credentialed peer coaches help ease those feelings by offering relatable, educational, and motivating feedback and insight.

Some employees may not have access to traditional means of mental health support. Additionally, long work hours and lack of child care or transportation could further hinder employees from seeking mental health resources. Digital health platforms such as Heritage CARES increase access to care by offering around-the-clock access to our virtual care platform and access to certified peer coaches, should they need it. In addition, being digital provides employee the flexibility they need to access support on their schedule.

Heritage CARES is a virtual support program designed to help employees struggling with stress, substance use, and suicidal ideation. Heritage CARES seamlessly integrates into existing EAPs and other wellness programs. Our peer coaches provide proactive outreach that helps employees maintain a positive outlook on their recovery journey by developing new behaviors, increasing family support, and fostering accountability. Learn more about our proven support at