Coppell, TX (Jan. 5, 2022) — Heritage CARES announces its new Advisory Board that will support the Heritage CARES mission and drive strategic growth for the company. The esteemed group of healthcare and business leaders will collaborate with and provide thought leadership for the organization. The collaboration will help drive the important Heritage CARES mission of helping as many people as possible who struggle with or who have family members dealing with stress that often affects their overall mental health. Heritage CARES is a virtual support program designed to help individuals with stress, substance misuse and/or suicidal ideation. The company serves participants through employer groups, treatment centers, strategic commercial partnerships, public sector and corrections.

“As the U.S. economy rebuilds out of COVID-19, business leaders need to prioritize employee mental health by fostering a stigma-free company environment, increasing access to tools/research, encouraging early treatment and incorporating innovative behavioral health programs that help employees address their struggles in a meaningful way,” says Hamilton Baiden, President of Heritage CARES. “The time is right to expand our reach and address strategic growth opportunities available to us. Our Advisory Board will help us do just that.

Cal Beyer
Cal Beyer, Vice President, Workforce Risk & Worker Wellbeing, Holmes Murphy & Associates
Todd Cato
Todd Cato, President, Narus Health
Carolyn Delaney
Carolyn Delaney, Founder, Journey Magazine
Dr. Lauren Demosthenes
Dr. Lauren Demosthenes, Senior Medical Director, Babyscripts
Dr. Keita Franklin
Dr. Keita Franklin, LCSW, Ph.D., Social Scientist, Executive Leader, Chief Clinical Officer
Manny Menendez
Manny Menendez, Principal Partner, MJ Advisor Group, LLC
Jon Ponder
Jon Ponder, Founder and CEO, Hope for Prisoners
Sean Walsh
Sean Walsh, CEO, The Meadows Treatment Centers
Greg Williams
Greg Williams, Managing Director, Third Horizon Strategies; Manager, The Alliance for Addiction Payment Reform

“They come from prestigious appointments in the industry, and all have important and impactful points of view, as well as a working knowledge of the services we provide. Our Advisory Board will help keep Heritage CARES focused on the important mission while providing insight into important trends that will help optimize the organization’s growth.”

In addition to regular leadership meetings, the Advisory Board provides expert knowledge and insight on the company’s blog, at industry-leading conferences and events and throughout the company’s social media presence.

“I am excited to be part of this Advisory Board because I believe in what Heritage CARES is providing across the continuum of every stage of the substance misuse spectrum,” says Cal Beyer. “We have an important opportunity to change the face of addiction and substance misuse in this country. Heritage CARES’ approach to doing this is a paradigm shift that I feel will change the conversation and impact a lot of people.”

“We are so grateful to work with this group of leaders,” says Baiden. “We are focused on keeping the board tight and close to ensure we are able to truly leverage their expertise and implement their ideas and insights effectively.”

Heritage CARES involves the entire family in the care program. Please call 844-227-3726 or visit Heritage CARES for more information.

About Heritage CARES 

Heritage CARES (Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Education and Support) is an innovative virtual support program designed to help individuals and their family members who are struggling with stress, substance misuse, addiction and/or suicidal ideation. The core components of the comprehensive program include peer coaching, education and care management. Heritage CARES is available for employer groups, treatment centers, first responders organizations and re-entry programs. For more information on Heritage CARES, visit Heritage CARES.