Coppell, TX (March 3, 2022) – Heritage CARES, the leading virtual behavioral health, substance misuse and suicide prevention company, today announces its merger with YouTurn, the world’s largest platform of evidence-based and therapist-led video content for stress, behavioral health, and substance misuse.

The merger supports the important Heritage CARES mission of helping people who struggle with or have family members dealing with stress and related issues that affect their overall mental health. The merger will provide Heritage CARES clients with a more comprehensive program that helps participants find and maintain recovery from whatever mental or emotional challenge through exclusive access to the entire YouTurn video library.

Greenville, SC-based YouTurn has produced hundreds of studio-quality premier videos that educate and support individuals and their families on their recovery journey through content focused on behavioral health, substance misuse, and suicidal ideation. The company’s on-demand videos use a non-judgmental, non-confrontational, evidence-backed approach, delivered through an innovative combination of content, technology, people, and partners. YouTurn content is utilized by many of the top medical schools in the nation, leading businesses and insurance/benefits brands.

The evidence-based content produced by YouTurn is designed to educate, inspire, empower and provide hope to individuals and families. The on-demand videos are organized into three categories that include an extensive library focusing on:

  • Education that provides simple, direct, informational content and behavioral tools to support those struggling.
  • Stories from those who have lived experience around recovering in some capacity to inspire others.
  • Critical conversations that explore current events and offer insights from different walks of life.

Additionally, with expansion into grief and other trauma-induced risky behaviors, YouTurn will eventually house all pertinent content for any behavioral health topic, accessible exclusively through the Heritage CARES program.

The last two years have shown the need for comprehensive treatment programs designed for commercial enterprises and the public sector to handle the increase of substance use disorders (SUD) and behavioral health issues. The seamless integration between Heritage CARES and YouTurn allows individuals on-demand access to pre-designed pathways to ensure the recovery journey is a positive and supported change for the individual struggling and the family.

“Our goal is to help as many people as possible who struggle with or who have family members dealing with stress that often affects their overall mental health. Heritage CARES is excited about the merger with YouTurn to help reach more people and provide organizations with access to appropriate tools to foster a stigma-free work environment. The YouTurn platform provides a safe place to start the journey through education and training,” said Hamilton Baiden, president of Heritage CARES. “The combination of YouTurn with the Heritage CARES Assertive Community Engagement (ACE) peer coaching program will address three very important gaps in reaching the right people who need help – provide access for the 90% of people struggling who will never ask for help; appropriately support and educate the family of the individual who is struggling; and increase overall engagement in the recovery journey to achieve improved outcomes.”

The partnership will allow the company to produce new content on critical behavioral health issues that will provide an immersive and life-changing experience and feature real people with real experiences as they share their unbiased advice and support.

“Our values at YouTurn align perfectly with the mission of Heritage CARES, making it a great partnership. Combined, we can offer a more comprehensive solution as we change the way people think about recovering from substance misuse and behavioral health challenges,” said YouTurn founder Shay Houser. “Knowledge is power, and that power is needed to change the way we see recovery from substance misuse and improve behavioral health.”

Heritage CARES, a Dallas-based behavioral health and substance misuse program, is the leading program for treatment centers and the behavioral health space. The virtual program connects individuals with peer coaches who are certified in Assertive Community Engagement (ACE) and have experienced similar challenges as well as on-demand video support. The Heritage CARES and YouTurn partnership serves employees, veterans, first responders, corrections, and treatment centers.  Used by several of the country’s leading treatment centers, CARES has been validated by the most discerning of the drug and alcohol treatment industry.

Heritage CARES offers support for the entire family; please visit Heritage CARES or call 877-62CARES (22737) to learn more. For more information about YouTurn, visit or call 833-968-8876.

About Heritage CARES
Heritage CARES provides innovative virtual support programs designed specifically for employers, payors, treatment centers, first-responders and reentry programs.  The CARES program helps individuals and their family members struggling with stress, substance misuse, addiction, suicidal ideation, and grief utilizing evidence-based strategies. The core components of the comprehensive program include on-demand access to the largest online learning libraries, NAADAC credentialed evidenced-based peer coaching and care management, where participants can quickly communicate with trained health care professionals during times of crisis. For more information on Heritage CARES, visit Heritage CARES or call 877-62CARES (22737) or email