When Heritage CARES (Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Education & Support) was founded in 2021, the company was primarily focused on supporting and educating people struggling with substance misuse and its underlying causes such as depression and trauma. By mid-2022, the company had expanded its  focus to include additional mental health concerns like grief, stress management, and anxiety, and as a result rebranded the company name to Youturn Health to reflect its commitment to providing more holistic mental health education and support.

“We’ve seen a tremendous focus on overall mental health in recent years,” says Hamilton Baiden, CEO of Youturn Health. “The stress of the pandemic really forced Americans to confront the fact that mental health needs to be treated at every level in every home.” Youturn Health’s virtual program combines peer coaching support with online education and family support to help people understand the nature of their struggles and make meaningful steps toward recovery.

Mental health concerns like depression, substance misuse, and suicide were issues before the pandemic, but added stressors like isolation during lockdown, grief from suddenly losing a loved one, financial insecurity, and job instability pushed more Americans to their breaking point. Additionally, recent movements like the Great Resignation forced employers to address stress management and burnout as employees rebelled against toxic workplace environments and Hustle Culture.