Over 27 million people in the United States suffer from a substance abuse disorder (SUD), and the effects of this disorder permeate every facet of society. 46% of people have a meaningful relationship with someone suffering from SUD. Not only does it affect personal relationships, but it has a profound impact on professional associations.  

The impact of substance abuse in the workplace can lead to elevated levels of absenteeism, increased turnover rates, low morale, and a significant increase in company spending, all of which contribute to over $81 billion (about $250 per person in the US) in lost profits each year. Organizations can manage this issue by utilizing digital care platforms. These digital solutions offer employers a way to address SUD within their workplace with a confidential and comprehensive program that their employees can access 24/7.  

Heritage CARES is a digital care platform that offers evidence-based treatments that support employees on their road to recovery with state-certified ACE coaches and an extensive library of videos designed to reduce harm and modify behavior.

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