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Miranda Hobson, a peer recovery coach at Youturn Health, gives her perspective on balancing work, motherhood, and recovery. As someone dedicated to supporting individuals facing substance misuse and stress, Miranda shares her expertise and personal experiences in finding balance in these crucial aspects of life.



New Course: Introduction to Opioids

We know that navigating grief is challenging, and we want to help you through it. Our new course on grief will give you the tools and resources you need to understand major types of grief and how to cope. You’ll gain expert advice on how to process your emotions and support yourself, as well as tips for supporting others in their journey. (Please log in to watch.)



Empowering BIPOC Veterans with PTSD: A Guide to Accessing Support

BIPOC VeteransVeterans, particularly those from BIPOC backgrounds, often face unique challenges when dealing with PTSD. This blog post offers a guide for BIPOC veterans with PTSD, presenting strategies and resources to help them navigate and access the support they deserve.

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Marine Corps Veteran Turned Cowboy

You Learn You TurnAfter leaving the Marines, Michael Parker struggled with his mental health, leading to incarceration and multiple suicide attempts. Driven by a desire to understand his mental health and take back the reins in his life, he started searching for alternative ways to heal, besides medication. Listen as Michael shares his inspiring story and how his experiences have led him to a new venture focused on helping veterans and first responders.


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