Stress and substance misuse
increases organizational risk and costs,
and reduces productivity.

youturn can help.

Your Organization Has a Massive but Hidden Problem

Think your organization is different? Think again.

Employees and families are struggling at unprecedented rates with mental health, and the substance misuse that comes with constant coping efforts.
And the impacts on your organization are enormous.

Think You Don’t Have a Problem Because You Have An EAP?

EAP’s are great – when they get used. The gap between those struggling and EAP usage for substance misuse is staggering. youturn doesn’t replace an EAP, we drive more people to it – when they are ready – so you get more from your existing investments.

Estimate The Financial Impacts of Substance Misuse on Your Company

Cost Only v1
8-15% (SAMHSA*, pre-COVID, by industry), then 49% now (2020 Behavioral Health Impact Update). This EXCLUDES those who have a loved one struggling. *Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

$8,800 per person struggling, per National Safety Council 2021

Yes, those numbers are correct. See? The impact is MASSIVE. And not obvious.

Substance misuse increases turnover, health care costs, and drives down productivity.

Employers need a low-cost, easy to deploy and use solution to the substance misuse crisis crushing individuals and families and increasing risk and costs for the organization, and driving productivity down.

youturn Can Help

youturn is the world’s largest library of therapist-led, evidence-backed mental health and substance misuse educational and training content available, designed to meet people where they are, delivered in simple, short videos in an easy-to-use, quick-to-consume format.

Shay Houser, Co-founder and CEO, youturn for Business





What It Looks Like


Vital information and insight about substance use disorder and recovery, using evidence-based research from industry experts.


Inspiring stories of support from individuals who have been impacted by addiction, either directly or through a loved one.

Critical Conversations

Open-table discussions about substance abuse, covering everything from expert advice to personal stories and current events.



Through a series of training videos led by Rich Jones, a licensed, nationally recognized clinician, managers learn how to identify the signs of addiction and address it effectively in the workplace.


Employees struggling with substance abuse disorder can earn certification through the innovative video intervention module, showing they are taking proper steps to address their issue.


With hundreds of inspiring stories and educational videos, employees can access on-demand advice, information, and insight to help them better understand and cope with substance abuse.

Evidence-Based, Supported By Science, Validated By Experience

40,000 Individuals Helped

8,000 Families Helped

Used by 20 Top Medical Schools

Benefits To Your Organization

Risk Mitigation

Like diversity and sexual harassment training, youturn is a learning tool that can reduce liability and possibly prevent potential lawsuits related to substance abuse in the workplace.

Cost Containment

Addressing workplace substance abuse issues before they spiral out of control can save companies thousands of dollars in health care costs per employee.

Increased Productivity

Providing resources to help employees and their loved ones facing substance abuse can reduce stress and feelings of alienation, improving focus and performance at work.

Positive Workforce

Showing support for employees during difficult times establishes trust and builds a healthy work environment where their performance can thrive.

Shay Houser, Co-founder and CEO, youturn for Business Risk

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Companies of All Sizes, Across Diverse Industries Count on youturn

Easy To Get Started

3 Plans for Every Budget and Level of Coverage

300+ short videos across a range of topics, led by an award-winning, masters-level therapist who has helped 8,000 families and 40,000 individuals.

Simple, Transparent Pricing With Massive ROI Potential

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8-15% (SAMHSA*, pre-COVID, by industry), then 49% now (2020 Behavioral Health Impact Update). This EXCLUDES those who have a loved one struggling. *Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration


$10,343 cost to company per employee in 2021 per SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management)
From the % Struggling Input

$8,800 per person struggling, per National Safety Council 2021




Breakeven and ROI Potential


From the % You Help Input
From the % You Help Input

Unlimited User Plans Available

We are MISSION-DRIVEN and will not let price or budget get in the way of helping those who need it.

Multiple Employee Communication Options To Best Support Your Operations & Culture

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  • Option 3: We customize the approach together to fit your needs

Regardless of your preferred approach, we can make the process fast, easy, and impactful.

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Reduce Risk and Legal Liabilty

Regardless of cost reductions or productivity improvements, deploying youturn can help manage risk and legal liability, like safety training, sexual harassment training and other mandatory training help reduce your liability.

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Your employees and their families are struggling- increasing risk and costs, while decreasing productivity.

youturn can help.