Substance Abuse at Work – What Employers Need to Know

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Substance abuse in the workplace is a growing concern for employers across the United States. Substance use disorders (SUD) cost American businesses over $81 billion each year, and that number is only going to continue to grow if something isn’t done about it. SUD can lead to a number of negative consequences for businesses, including increased … Read more

Taylor’s Gift Foundation Partners with Heritage Cares for New Grief Support Program for Organ Donor Families

Taylor's Gift

Taylor’s Gift Foundation, the Dallas-based nonprofit created to raise the visibility of organ donation, launches the new Kindred Hearts Program with a mission to help organ donor families receive the emotional support they need. Through the Kindred Hearts Program, Taylor’s Gift will offer support groups and a dedicated Caring Guide to walk with organ donor families as … Read more

How Substance Abuse Impacts Businesses Bottom Line

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Over 27 million people in the United States suffer from a substance abuse disorder (SUD), and the effects of this disorder permeate every facet of society. 46% of people have a meaningful relationship with someone suffering from SUD. Not only does it affect personal relationships, but it has a profound impact on professional associations.   The impact of substance abuse in the workplace can lead … Read more