October 2022 Community Newsletter

Resources for substance use disorder and teacher burnout

Featured Blog

October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. Elizabeth McKissick examines how her life might have taken a different path if she was educated early on about substance misuse and provides resources for talking about substance abuse prevention

Featured Lesson: What is Addiction?

Learn the differences between normal use, risky use, and substance use disorder and step through the criteria that indicate a substance misuse. Watch the What is addiction? lesson from the Individual Support course to learn more. (Please log in to watch.) If you need immediate help for stress, please reach out to a peer coach to get personalized support.

Ambivalence: Entering Residential Treatment

Family Support in Recovery

Emily Goff, Peer Coach at Youturn Health, details her journey with substance use disorder and how her life changed completely after entering residential treatment.

Katie Niemczyk on Teacher Burnout

Hear Katie Niemczyk, a former teacher, detail her journey as an educator, the major issues facing our education system, and possible solutions. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a paradigm shift in the education system where we wake up and realize that the most important pieces of the system, our teachers, have reached the breaking point.

Suicide Prevention: Risk Factors, Red Flags, and How to Get Help

Learn about what makes up the official criteria for substance use disorder, the levels of severity, and where to direct those in need of help.

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Youturn Health Peer Coaches can help with stress management, substance misuse, addiction and recovery, and much more.