November 2022 Community Newsletter

Resources for substance use disorder and teacher burnout

Coaches’ Corner

Rich Jones, Chief Clinical Officer, Youturn Health

Chief Clinical Officer Richard Jones shares his struggles with substance use disorder, the consequences, and 11 things he wants everyone to know about addiction and recovery.

Featured Lesson: Tricia’s Story

Tricia's Story: Substance Use in Work Situations

In many professional fields, alcohol is an accepted or even encouraged part of doing business, especially around the holidays. Tricia talks about her strategies for avoiding substances at holiday and work parties in the Substance Use in Work Situations lesson from Tricia’s Story course. (Please log in to watch.) If you need immediate help for stress, please reach out to a peer coach to get personalized support.

Manifesting All Possibilities (MAP): Create Your Truth

Create Your Truth, Manifest All Possibilities

Erin Thomas, a Peer Coach at Youturn Health, discusses what creating positive and negative truths look like, and how to break free from old truths. 

Katie Niemczyk on Teacher Burnout

Kelly Castellani

Kelly Castellani was in a 23-year-old marriage that nearly cost her her life. She bravely shares her story about years of emotional abuse in hopes to raise awareness that 1 in 4 women are being abused.

Youturn Health Joins SAFE Project’s World Series Campaign

5 Days to Opioid Addiction

The campaign’s goal is to educate Americans on the risks of opioids, to empower them to prevent addiction, and find alternatives to using opioids to address their pain management.

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