August 2022 Community Newsletter

Resources for stress, grief, first responder mental health and more

Coaches’ Corner

Zachary Goff

Recovery Coach and Army Veteran Zachary Goff shares his struggles with PTSD and opioid addiction, his path to recovery, and the current roadblocks that active military and veterans face trying to navigate their VA benefits.

Featured Lesson: Stress Management: Why Bother?

Sad man in restaurant

Stress is a normal part of life, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed, you may need some help. The Stress Management: Why Bother lesson shares why managing stress is so important. (Please log in to watch.) If you need immediate help for stress, please reach out to a peer coach to get personalized support.

Grief is Messy

Watercolor flowers

Elizabeth McKissick details her conversation with grief expert Barbara Rubel, shares her own recent experiences processing grief after the death of her father, and provides advice for supporting someone who is mourning the loss of a loved one.

Stigma Keeps Police Officers from Seeking Support

Sheila Goode

The emotional toll of being a First Responder can lead to mental health challenges, but they might be hesitant to get help for fear of losing their job or their credibility. Former police officer Sheila Goode describes what it’s like behind the scenes for First Responders, and how they can get the mental health support they deserve.

Managing Stress Triggers

Workplace stress

Stress management is a daily practice. Rich Jones shares how to be your own voice of reason.

Need help?

Youturn Health Peer Coaches can help with stress management, substance misuse, addiction and recovery, and much more.